About Soul Essence

Soul Essence has been running a monthly Meditation Group since 2011 and is going to offer workshops for meditation, self worth and self esteem  improvement.

Rosemary graduated from the School of Energy Healing in June 2007, the three year professional training led to a profound spiritual awakening and personal transformation.  My passion is to support others on their journey towards health and wholeness, my goal is to lead clients through the healing process with compassion and integrity.

I am also qualified in Ear Candling, Natural Lift Face Massage, Natural Facial Treatments, Seated Acupressure Chair Massage.  I completed a 2 year Foundation certificate in Core Integration Psyche therapy (formerly Core Energetics) and completed a 5 year Integral Core Therapy facilitators course run by Amadis Cammell.

In June 2007 I started Soul Essence to promote my love of healing and helping others on their journey to wholeness.

For more information about Soul Essence visit Soul-Essence.com

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